Large Umbrella Tree

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Umbrella Trees are extremely difficult to find. After searching for over 2 years, I was lucky enough to get mine from FORM Fine Goods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


  • There’s virtually no upkeep with this tree. Simply provide a bit of sun and water, and watch its exotic growth take off. The Umbrella Tree prefers full sun to partial shade, so placing in front of a bright window is best, provided there’s some protection from the harsh afternoon sun.
  • Use your finger to check the surrounding soil’s moisture level. Water your plant when there’s a full inch of dryness from the top of the soil.
  • Pruning is easy. Generally, you can just remove dead and damaged foliage. You may trim your Umbrella Tree for shaping, but excessive pruning is unnecessary.
  • Mine is in our sun porch next to a South facing window. It gets plenty of light during the Spring and Summer, but I use a plant light in the fall and winter for a few hours every day. 
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