My 10 Actionable SEO Tips EBook


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SEO is tough, there is no way around it!

Sometimes it feels like you’re on the hamster wheel — going and going.

Are you ready to change all that?

Are you ready to improve your SEO, like…yesterday?? I can help!!

I was terrified when I started my lifestyle blog, but I knew that there were so many possibilities waiting for me outside of my comfort zone, so I went for it! I’m so glad I did because I’ve been able to serve so many people. I’ve helped my readers improve and start businesses, care for their houseplants, learn to make their own dog treats, and even, start and grow a blog of their own!

Mastering SEO isn’t just for bloggers! It is for all business owners who have an online presence!

I am excited to say that my SEO Ebook is still selling like crazy and I am so beyond excited for everyone who has purchased it thus far!

Using these 10 Actionable SEO Tips, I increased my website traffic from 4k page views to over 105k monthly page views in just 16 weeks after improving the SEO on the House Fur website!!

Having my website WORK FOR ME is SUCH a breath of fresh air and I want that for you, too!


This e-book was written by Ren Lenhof, who has run her blogs and photography business for over a decade. 10 Actionable SEO Tips is her first ebook with first-hand tips to grow website traffic. In this ebook, you’ll find information on keyword research, backlinks, and valuable quick and actionable tips for less than $1 dollar per tip!

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