Prop Ideas for Your Fall Family Photos


Consider adding some of these props to your fall family photos!

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Blankets, toys, accessories and furniture are small elements that can add so much to your fall family photos. Photo props add a little something to sessions without taking away from the natural emotions and love between family members.

As a professional photographer, I often get asked about what props clients should bring along, if any, to their session. Majorty of the time no props are needed, but if clients want to add a little unique touch to their session I am always thrilled to help them choose some props.

When choosing props, always consider the color of your clothing, age of the members of your family, the length of your session, and location of your session.

I’ve rounded-up some of my favorite accessories, furniture pieces, and toys that would be perfect for your fall family photography session. Consider adding some of these prop ideas to your fall family photos! I’ve peppered in some photos from my most recent Studio 29 fall family portrait sessions so you can see examples of how props and accesssories can be used in photos.

Prop Ideas for Your Fall Family Photos

Accessories: Choose props that will help your family interact for natural and candid photos. (scarves, blankets, hats, books, etc.)

Furniture: Furniture peices such as a couch, chairs, stools, or poufs can help add different posing options and keep everyone engaged during the session.

Toys for Kiddos: Bringing along your child’s favorite toy or blanket will not only capture the special memory in the photograph, but will also help keep your child be happy and cooperative. I like when clients can choose toys that are neutral or similar to the color pallette of their outfits.

Gold Stripe Throw Blanket

Tassels adorn the hem for a playful touch & the gold is perfect for matching natural earthy Autumn tones. fall blanket Target

Striped Throw Blanket Railroad Gray/Sour Cream

Allover Stripe Twill Throw Blanket Sour Cream/Railroad Gray

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

Geometric Knit Cotton Baby Blanket

Knit Cotton Baby Blanket

Oversized Chunky Blanket

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

If your baby is still little you might want to bring your newborn lounger and then lay one of the blankets listed above over it.

boppy lounger

Brixton Wesley Wool Fedora

I have this hat in two colors – I love it so much! Hats are a fun accessory to pop in to some or all of your fall photos.


Dahlia Kids Boater Hat

The Dahlia is a women’s boater hat with a super stiff brim and flat crown. She is also known as a stiff brim fedora. Dahlia is the perfect stiff brim hat and has a spot in every closet, as it will carry over to any season of the year.

Wren Flat Brim Telescope Crown Hat

This flat brim, round top hat features a dipped telescope crown adorned with a genuine leather chin strap to take this hat to the next level.


Remember to bring a cute bow or head band for your little one that matches perfectly with your outfits. It is perfect for any occasion and so easy to dress up or keep casual.

6.5″ x 6″ Cream Raffia Pumpkin

This little pumpkin is perfect for little kids to hold on to during the session. It is neutral, festive, and cute.

Cute Dog Collar + Leash

Tasteful dog colors and leashes are a must, no gawdy leases and collars please! My recent fall engagement session with D+M and their doggy Harper was so adorable! I loved that they got her a cute bandana, too!

Puppy Makes Mischief Book

If your kiddo loves to read, go ahead and bring along their favorite book or a brand new book.

Rustic Farmhouse Style Wooden Crates 

If you’re planning to do your session at an apple farm and pick apples with your family, it would make sense to bring a wooden crate or basket for your session so that you can pick apples and look cute doing it!

Wooden crates are also great if your kiddo needs assistance sitting or standing up.

farm crates vintage

Giant Icon Check Cashmere Scarf

If you decide to do your session mid-October it might be a bit chilly – but instead of throwing on thick layers, try adding a cozy warm scarf.

Super Soft Fringe Scarf

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

Wagons are the perfect addition to fall family photos – especially the radio flyer classic red wagon!

radio flyer classic red wagon

Cloverly Chunky Knit Pouf

Perfect for kids to sit on or by. Also great for kids to pratice and support standing.

Wooden Forest Fox Chair

This stylish fox chair made from top quality plywood that pairs perfectly with the Forest Table. The seat weight limit is 66 lbs. For ages: 3+ years.

Lory Pouf Textured

This square ottoman pouf combines a unique variety of textures – from tufts to tassels to beads – to create a lively look. It is big enough for both kids and adults to sit on. This square pouf is also great for babies to lean on.

Wooden Stools – Etsy

These little curved stools can be used for both newborns and sitting kiddos.

Wee Gallery Play Mat

No worries laying your little one down on the ground with this durable & machine washable playmat.

CUDDLE + KIND Mia the Dog & Noah the Dog

cuddle and kind dog stuffed toys

Tiger Cuddle Plush

PBK Neutral Wooden Blocks

Critter Baby Rattles

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine

Bubbles just have a way of making all kiddos so darn happy!

At the end of the day, remember the most important part of your session is you interacting with your loved ones. Don’t stress too much and just have fun!

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