Quick Changes For A More Vibrant Home


There are many ways to refresh and add more vibrancy to your home. The truth is that anyone can do at any time, no matter what home you live in or what its current state is. I’ve done some slight tweaking in our 1888 home this week and the small changes have been so refreshing.

Here are a few easy ways you can freshen up your home!


Play Around With Lighting

Light fixture makeovers are one of the simplest ways to make your individual space trendier, increase its functionality, and boost the overall style of your home.

Updating your lighting can have a major impact on your home’s interior design, without making a major dent in your wallet like with a complete home renovation. We have slowly-but-surely been updating the lighting in our home by adding recessed lighting, some pendants, and a chandelier.

  • Recessed lighting provides more evenly dispersed lighting that can be positioned and directed for a combination of general, accent, and task lighting uses. We have recessed lighting in our kitchen above the kitchen island.
  • Pendant lighting can be used anywhere in your home. You can find pendant light fixtures in a variety of styles and finishes, including glass, brass, and nickel, or create your own.
  • Oftentimes when people think of chandeliers they imagine large ornate fixtures drenched in beads and crystals, hanging in a formal dining room – but there are so many different types of chandelier lighting. From the entryway to the dining room, chandelier lighting provides an eye-catching focal point that adds style that’s instantly noticed by your guests. The modern Mobile Chandelier we have in our living room is sleek and modern.



There is one thing you can always do to bring about sudden changes in how a home looks and feels, and that is to repaint it. If you are keen to do this and you want to bring about a more modern look, then you might be looking at choosing some colors which are going to give that effect most strongly.

If you want to ensure this is done as professionally as possible, it’s probably best to call in a residential painter. A professional painter will help you decide on a streamlined color palette, which will not only help individual rooms feel cohesive, but also help with the transitions between rooms.

Our home has the same family of colors repeated but in different ways in each room. The consistent colors help your eyes move seamlessly from the foyer to the kitchen to the bedrooms upstairs.

New Wall Art

Change out some of your artwork or create a new gallery wall. I am in love with all the wall art sold on Etsy. Decoratingyour walls with art is one of the easiest ways to refresh and add vibrancy to your home.

etsy modern wall art


Update Your Entryway

Anybody else secretly get online and just look at entryways? No? Just me?

We just purchased a new Mid-Century Modern Entryway table from West Elm this week and I am so in love with it!

Since we moved into this home, we’ve been using an IKEA nightstand as our entryway table. This is the same nightstand that I had in my apartment in Maryland when I worked in Washington DC and then it moved with me to my flat in Bay View and then followed me to my office in Walker’s Point. It has been 3 different colors in its lifetime and has served me well.

Anyways, updating your entryway is an easy way to freshen up your home and there are multiple ways to do it:

  • new entryway table or redecorating your currrent entryway table
  • add new wall art or mirrors
  • try styling with decorative vases, books, or sculptures
  • add new plants or repot plants into new planters
  • add or layer rugs or welcome mats


Work On The Atmosphere

It might sound strange, but you can easily improve or increase the vibrancy of your home also by working on the atmosphere in the home.

Using humidifiers and air purifiers can help increase the quality of air inside your home, particularly during seasons where your home needs to stay closed up. And, of course, adding houseplants can add a relaxing and beautiful element to your home. Bonus! Certain types of indoor plants can help improve the air quality within your home.

quick changes for a more vibrant home

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