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Raise Your Glass! It’s Patio Season!

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Well guys, I haven’t had to wear my gloves in 48 hours so I think we can start getting excited for spring cleaning, lemonade stands, blooming flowers, and best of all, patio season! Are you ready for afternoons with friends lounging in your patio, soaking up sunshine, sipping lemonade or fruity cocktails whilst listening to the perfect Spotify playlist?!? It’s time for an outdoor furniture at round-up!

Caleb and I are lucky enough to have fairly large yard and a slab of cement off our back porch, perfect for long days in the sunshine, napping in the hammock and dining outside. We are in need of a new patio set and I have my eye on a couple. Ahem. Caleb I hope you are reading this. 😉 Pictured above is the Target’s Henning 3pc Patio Bistro by Project 62. 

One of my favorite memories of dining outside with Caleb in the Spring happened our first month living in our new home – Caleb had grilled and prepared homemade Pork Banh Mi Burgers and we sat down to eat and I bit into my burger and exclaimed, “Yum! this is the best Burger ever!” Only to realize I had made my burger, but totally forgot to put the pork patty in it!

Whoops! But, who can blame me; you cannot go wrong with crunchy pickled veggies, fresh cilantro, spicy mayo + jalapeños, and zesty lime in between a lightly toasted brioche buns! I did end up adding the pork patty and it was still the best burger ever. Caleb is such a great chef and I am so excited for warmer weather and plenty of dinners outside.

Well, raise your glass because its almost time to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of patio season because I’ve rounded up a collection of a great selection of modern patio furniture sets, outdoor dining tables, lounge chairs, planters and more!

Get to Shopping for Patio Season

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged anything extra. This just helps me buy my much-needed-coffee and more doggy treats for Kenzo + Vík! Thank you for your support! I couldn’t keep this blog running without YOU!

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