I Found Sustainable Dog Treats!


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Yep! Sustainable dog treats exist, and I found them!

And, you’ll never guess what they’re made of … Crickets!!

cricket protein dog treats

Humans have been eating insects for thousands of years. But Jiminy’s Sustainable Cricket Protein Dog Treats is one of the first companies to add powdered cricket protein to theirs!

Jiminy‘s makes a variety of nutritious, humane, and sustainable dog treats. What makes them bearable is that they’re made with cricket protein powder. Crickets are a sustainable superfood using less land, water, and feed than traditional protein sources.

Did you know that crickets are a superfood and contain more essential nutrients than chicken or beef, or salmon? When I give Kenzo + Vík Jiminy’s treats, they benefit from it instead of just ingesting unnecessary empty calories and additives.

Jiminy's dog treats

Crickets are an excellent superfood for both humans and doggies. Crickets contain twice as much protein as beef, are jam-packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, are humanly sourced, are better for the environment, and are hypoallergenic.

You can read more about the nutritional value of insects here – I am so fascinated and disgusted at the same time.

Jiminy's dog treats

Why else I love them . . . 

They Don’t Stink

I am sensitive to smells, and I get so grossed out when dog treats smell overly fishy or just plain gross. However, Kenzo + Vík love their stinky treats…ahem… bully sticks.

Their Process Saves Water

If you compare one 5 oz bag of Jiminy’s with the same size bag of traditional treats, we save 220 gallons of water!

Now think about what we’ll be able to accomplish with their dog food – that would be an enormous impact worldwide!

Made In The USA

I love that Jiminy’s is a USA-based company located in sunny California. You can buy Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Dog treats on Amazon.

Cricket Protein could quickly become the new “quinoa” food trend for humans! I am personally not yet on board that trend train, but give it time… maybe I will. 

Have you tried cricket protein or given your dog cricket protein doggy treats/food?

Jiminy's dog treats


You can buy Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Dog treats on Amazon. 


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