The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes I Didn’t Know I Was Making


There are 5 Big Marketing Mistakes you might be making because, unless your business is a marketing agency or you’re a social media manager, chances are marketing is not your forte.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by all the hats you must wear for your business?

A few years ago, that was the case for me. Being a solopreneur I wear so many hats for our the Studio 29 Photography business & the House Fur blog. One of the more strenuous hats I wear is being our marketing manager.

Marketing, for any business, is a necessary evil and is only as good as its execution.

If you’re struggling to attract more customers, sell more services or products, I advise you to take a serious look at your marketing strategy. It wasn’t until I did, that I realized the 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes I Didn’t Know I Was Making.

Looking back now & seeing the differences my marketing strategies have made, I am so sad about all the missed opportunities for sales & collaborations I possibly missed out on. BUT! I’ve put in the necessary work, taken multiple online courses, and now I am incredibly confident with the ins and outs of successfully marketing our businesses.

top marketing mistakes I didn't know I was making

The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes I Didn’t Know I Was Making

1) Not Being Consistent. 

Marketing is about consistency and consistency is the key to successful branding. A consistent brand voice, brand story, and overall look and feel to your marketing content is absolutely necessary. Your marketing establishes the initial impression your customer has of your company and it’s important to carry that brand promise throughout the entire experience with your clients, from start to finish.

2) Not Knowing Your Customers’ Main Problem or Need

 Are you truly listening to your customer? Do you know their wants and needs? Will you help them sleep better at night? Will your product or service get them a promotion or a raise at work? Will you provide them with more free time? Will you take away stress or make their life easier? If you don’t know them, how can you help them? You need to understand the emotional dilemma your client is facing and determine if you are, or can be, the solution. Before I realized this, I used to focus way too much on “what” I did instead of really honing in on what my customers needed or wanted.

3) Not Having a Clear Objective. 

Set meaningful objectives and determine exactly what goals you expect to achieve in the months ahead. How will know when you get there if you don’t know where you’re going? This is not only true for your business strategy but your social media strategy as well. In order to attract a steady stream of new customers, new followers, likes, shares, and sales, a clear objective and a strategy are necessities.

4) Not Offering Real Value. 

Most social media users don’t visit social media platforms to purchase something, but rather to engage and interact with their family, friends, and even their favorite brands. Don’t use social media only to build awareness and promote sales, but as a platform to share relevant and worthy content. Additional ways to provide value to your customers are to become a subject matter expert, make them feel as if you understand them, and listen to their feedback.

5) Not Analyzing Your Marketing Efforts.

As with any area of focus, you have to determine which marketing efforts are working and invest your time and budget accordingly. Use analytics to better understand what efforts are paying dividends, and identify which efforts are stagnant. There are several intuitive social media management tools that can help you without becoming a burdensome process. Such tools will save you time, streamline your processes, and help drive customer engagement.

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I hope you find these tips to resolve the marketing mistakes you are making helpful.

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OR I recommend reading one (or all) of these marketing books; I’ve learned SO much from reading them and eliminated so many marketing mistakes I didn’t know I was making!

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marketing mistakes I didn't know I was making
biggest marketing mistakes you might be making

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