May 31, 2019

Are You Keeping Up With 2019 Website Design Trends?


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Along with a billion other creative outlets, I love designing websites. I’ve created and updated both the House Fur website and the Studio 29 Photography website several times and I am so happy with my current designs, but in a few months, who knows it that will change.

My reasoning for giving my websites a facelift every-so-often is not only because I become bored with it, but also because it’s so important to keep your online presence relevant with current design trends, software updates, plugin developments, search engine algorithms, site use navigation user patterns, and social media sharing and navigation user habits.


So today, I’m asking you, “Are You Keeping Up With 2019 Website Design Trends?”


Over the last several months, I’ve been seeing a rise in flat design, bold serifs, and asymmetrical layouts. However, it’s not all “out with the old and in with the new” as chatbots, animations, and rounded edges will continue to define sites across the web.

Chatbots, animations, original illustrations, and micro-interactions dominated the world wide web in 2018. Shadows added depth to our webspaces, while vibrant colors made them pop.

Throughout 2019, I expect to see a continuation of rounder edges, chatbots, and animation, among other trendy designs.


2019 Website Design Trends


Above all else, web designers should prioritize mobile versions of their sites. Mobile visits surpassed desktop views a few years ago, according to a recent study published by Stone Temple. The percentage of mobile users and visitors only continues to rise. Optimizing your website for both mobile and desktop layouts is essential for ranking high on search results.

  • Flat Design is a nod towards minimalism. It is clean, simple, and user friendly. Opting for a flat design not only eliminates confusion or potential overwhelm, it also keeps data low and speeds high. This is perfect for both mobile and desktop platforms.


  • Bold Serifs are the foundation of a contemporary site in 2019. Serifs were designed to shine on screen and they’re still a go-to for web designers. However, we are seeing more and more bold serifs taking over headers and home pages.


  • Attention-Grabbing Typography are stepping on to the scene. It is definitely worth stating that clarity should always prevail aesthetically pleasing looks when it comes to selecting a font. Yet, we are seeing web designers get bolder and brasher as they lean towards more attention-grabbing typography. Going for a unique font enriches your brand and adds an air of recognizability to your site.


  • Beautiful Photos: Not only should you have photos that represent your products & services but photos of YOURSELF. People are drawn to businesses that have elements that they can relate with and feel an emotional connection too. Like they say, “a picture says a thousand words.”


  • Asymmetrical Layouts are another bold look taking over in 2019. Asymmetrical layouts shake things up and break tradition. They are pleasantly surprising and incredibly refreshing, when executed correctly.


  • Rounded Edges continue to prevail in 2019 for their clean and contemporary style.


  • Data Visualization and infographics are becoming increasingly common across the web as more and more websites find clever was to cite their sources and support their arguments.


  • Video Backgrounds keeping in line with 2018’s emphasis on the importance of animated web pages, video background are finding their way across home pages.


  • Micro-animations are another branch off of the animation trend. Micro-animations refer to slide-out menus, text box transitions, fade outs, and much more. The sky is the limit with micro-animations.


  • Chatbots are continuing to become more and more common, practically making themselves a standard or essential part of a website’s design in upcoming years. As users interact with chatbots and our technology continues to develop, they are becoming far smarter and more advanced than ever.


Bonus Tip for those updating their website! Make sure you have a killer “About Page.” and be smart with your SEO. 


Is your website up to date? Does it need attention and care? If so, I hope these pointers will be helpful with your website facelift!



website design trends for creatives. Keeping Up With 2019 Website Design Trends

the navigation is designed to be as easy as possible for viewers


website design trends for creatives. Keeping Up With 2019 Website Design Trends

variations in colors and fonts are appealing to viewers


website design trends 2019

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