22 – The Interview with Melanie St Clair & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Today, you will be hearing from both Caleb and I along with a special guest; Melanie St. Clair.

Melanie is a visionary mindset coach, entrepreneur, wife, cat mom, and most of all, an amazing friend!

Not only is this episode unique because we have a guest joining us, but also because Caleb and I actually get on-the-spot coaching!!!

This episode is a perfect example of how we Caleb & I work through problems surrounding the businesses and the importance of allowing myself to receive help and support from others. I loved our open and honest conversations around limiting beliefs that keep entrepreneurs stuck & unsatisfied with their life or business.


overcoming limiting beliefs


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My favorite takeaways from Episode 22 …


  • Melanie sharing her story with how she got into this line of work
  • Advice on overcoming limiting beliefs
  • How to run your business from a place of love and not from a place of  fear
  • All about her upcoming Mastermind!
  • Her favorite go-to order at her favorite hometown restaurant


More About Our Special Guest:


Melanie St. Clair is a mindset coach for visionaries on the rise. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs create time, energy, and financial abundance in their lives and business through releasing limiting beliefs, healing inner work, and guiding you back home to yourself.

Her greatest purpose in life is helping you love yourself like it’s your life’s work so that you can become whole again.

When she’s not supporting her rockstar clients, you can find her touring the world (or the grocery store) with her dreamy husband Jeramia, drinking matcha lattes, or hopelessly trying to get her cats to take selfies with her. I am so happy that we were able to have her on our podcast for our very first interview!

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Ren + Caleb


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Melanie St Clair

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