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The Very First Episode – House Fur Happy Hour Podcast

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It finally happened, guys! We recorded, edited, and officially launched the House Fur Happy Hour Podcast!

Hosting a podcast has only been a dream for several years, until last weekend on our 2 year wedding anniversary Caleb gifted me all the pieces I needed to record incredible audio for House Fur Happy Hour.

So, here it is; The Very First Episode of the House Fur Happy Hour

Pretty excited about how it turned out, especially the dogs barking at the end.

This is the very first episode, so it is just an introduction with some chit-chat.

We have lots of ideas planned! Stay Tuned and thanks for listening!

Please enjoy our podcast on Buzz Sprout, Sticher, Spotify, and Google Podcasts!


PS: We also created an instagram account for the House Fur Happy Hour! 

Thank you Buzz Sprout for making the podcast hosting process a total breeze!


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