Episode 20: The Clothespin Experiment – Tips for Thinking Critically


Tonight’s topic was influenced by Caleb taking a clothespin apart last night when we watched True Detective Season 3, handing it to me and asking me to put it back together.

He watched me and then commented that you were impressed with the quickness of how I put it back together but also the way I did it.

He told me he wouldn’t have thought to put it back together that way – which sprung the idea for tonight’s podcast.

I was thinking about what it means to solve problems – and how your mindset and emotions can play a big part in that. I came to this topic idea because I was thinking about how every problem has a different solution depending on whom is solving it. Then I thought about what it means to “think critically.”

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Critical & rational thinking could help the world become a more reasonable place.

Suppose people weren’t rushing to make a decision based on their perceptions or instant feelings instead of taking the time to sift through what is emotional vs. factual. In that case, I think the world would be a happier, less stressful, and less judgemental environment.

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