Dog Treats & Toys Haul for Kenzo and Vík


We love spoiling our dogs with new toys and tasty healthy treats.

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We love spoiling our dogs with new toys and tasty healthy treats.

Lately, Caleb and I have been really loving doing our shopping at Pet Supplies Plus.

And for obvious reasons, Kenzo + Ví­k do too!

I know there are lots of pet supply stores to choose from, but we’ve consistently been shopping at Pets Supplies Plus and on Amazon, because they have the best prices and the most variety of toys and treats. We love PSP because they carry Fromm dog food at a fair price and they keep track of our bags of food purchases so we can redeem coupons. No more hole punch cards! Yahoo!

When Caleb stops to pick up Kenzo + Ví­k’s dog food he always brings home toys and a variety of treats. We still have a bunch of subscriptions on amazon for treats and rawhide alternatives, but this week Caleb brought home so many fun things for Kenzo + Ví­k, I just had to share!

I thought it would be fun to start documenting and sharing our Toy & Treat Hauls where I will share all of the goodies we find and buy for them! I’ll also include an honest review of the products.

This week he brought home; Woof Stix, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats, Whimzees Daily Dental Treats. He also bought a leather bear toy for our Kenzo “Bear” and a leather & rope monkey toy for “Monkey” aka Ví­k.

pet supplies plus toys

This Week’s Pet Supplies Plus Toy & Treat Haul (Feb 2020)


Happy Howie’s Woof Stix – These treats are shaped like bully sticks, but made with ground beef and all-natural ingredients. They are eaten rather quickly and have no odor, which I LOVE. They are great for a quick treat, but not a long-time attention grabber. They are an all-natural dog treat company and their main ingredient is protein. So, for their beef treats, the main ingredient is beef. The second ingredient in their treats is rice flour.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats – I don’t know what it is about these treats, but both Kenzo + Ví­k are obsessed. They instantly start to drool profusely as soon as they see the bag! They are priced fairly – we have a subscription to them on Amazon, but they were on super sale at Pets Supply Plus so Caleb picked up 2 bags.

Whimzees Daily Dental Treats – for some reason the “greenies” we used to buy made Kenzo’s poo runny and his belly gassy, so we started buying these and all is well. I also think they are so cute! They come in Dinosaur shapes too! Both dogs seem to like them and Kenzo’s butt was feeling fine after eating one!

Ethical Pets Dura-Fused Leather & Rope Monkey Toy & the Ethical Pets Dura-Fused Leather Bear Toy – As you can see in the picture, the Monkey’s eye was the first thing Ví­k chewed off when we gave it to him. He loved it right away! He loves playing tug and fetches with his monkey.

Update: We’ve had them for a little over a week now and they are still intact after several tug & fetch sessions.

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