Wanna Be A Creative Business Owner?


Are you constantly asking yourself, “Can you really be a creative making big money?”

Do you want to be a creative business owner?

Ever since I was a kid, I was always a creative type. I drew, colored, painted, or built mansions in the sandbox every day.

I got my first camera in high school and shot my first wedding four months later. Then, spent lunch periods in the art room to hone my craft.

Now, I’ve always considered myself to be a creative person. I’ve always felt the burning desire to take an experience or emotion and express it through a creative medium.

It makes it real. It makes it mine.

But being a creative making MONEY is a totally different story.

I firmly believe that being a starving artist is a myth. Actually, I’m proof that it is.

I’m a six figure business owner selling my creative work. As a green thumb creationist, anything that I create generates wealth, joy, and fun in my life.

Just because you sell your creative work, doesn’t instantly mean you have to be BROKE doing it.

But here’s the OTHER MYTH that I have to call out…

You DON’T get paid to be creative.

You get paid to be a BUSINESS OWNER.

I know so many talented creatives with the artistic chops to create AMAZING work. But, unfortunately, they lack the business know-how and high-level mindset to create a business that matches their creative capabilities.

Your work is an expression of you and it’s meant to be shared with the world.

AND you deserve to make big money doing it.

That’s why I’m proud to announce that my September retreat is now open for enrollment!




A 3-night, 2-day adventure for the best creative minds to come together, transform, and uplevel BIG TIME as profitable business owners AND valued artists.

I know you’ve been making money as a creative. But I want to teach you how to make BIG money as a BUSINESS OWNER.

The early bird sale ends in just FOUR DAYS. Go to this link before we sell out all 8 spaces for this intimate, money-making experience!


More Details About The Prosperous Creative Retreat


In just two days, you’re getting an entire business & mindset reboot. We’re covering everything from how to write copy that calls in dream clients to crafting a client experience that keeps ‘em for life.

Our combined knowledge covers the business strategy and marketing that makes your stomach squirm to the CEO level mindset you need to make it to the top. But we promise that we make sales strategy, money mindset, magnetic marketing, and copywriting fun and easy to approach.

Not to mention, we have hands-on experience creating a successful photography business that also gives BACK to you – instead of you just pouring into it. And we’re pros at transmuting frustration into power and manifesting desire.

Are you ALL IN for being a prosperous creative entrepreneur?

Spots are limited. Grab your ticket today to secure yours! We are capping it at 8 women!

The Prosperous Creative retreat is not just for photographers!

At The Prosperous Creative Retreat, we’re covering

SALES & MONEY MINDSET! The tools to learn to sell without feeling gross so you can attract the best clients. Feel empowered in your money relationship so that you can make more without selling your soul.

MONEY MAKING CLIENT EXPERIENCE! The signature client experience that’s made Studio 29 Photography hundreds of thousands of dollars. Create your very own that’s totally you and helps make your business a referral machine.

HOT SEATS! Get dedicated time to work through the biggest blockers in your business – mindset or strategy. Receive in-depth guidance from two industry pros and support from your fellow attendees.

COPY WRITING CLINIC! Amp up your website copy so that clients know exactly why you’re the one for them. Write copy that’s both human and SEO friendly to maximize your reach from hearts to search engines.


the prosperous creative retrear

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