10 Houseplants That Are Safe for Dogs

Dogs and houseplants don’t have to be a dangerous combination. There are plenty of plants that are safe for your furry friend to be around.

Here are 10 of the best houseplants for dog owners

Birds Nest Fern

The Asplenium nidus plant has become the go-to choice for many dog owners who want a non-toxic houseplant for dogs.  It’s suitable for low-to-medium light and only needs weekly watering.

They are suitable for medium-to-bright, indirect sunlight. They are also excellent for adding variety to your plant collection, as they have such a unique look.

Spider Plant

Xerographica Air Plants

The silvery texture makes it stand out, and it only needs a weekly watering session. Great for those who want plants that thrive in direct, bright sunlight day-in, day-out.

They need very rare watering (once every 1-2 weeks) and suit medium to bright indirect sunlight. They tend to grow strong and sizeable quite quickly, too, even with mild watering.

Money Tree

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