I am happy to share 10 houseplants that are easy to care for and need almost zero sunlight. I am passionate about caring for my houseplants, and I hope my advice can help others.

1. Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo is great for a home that doesn’t get a ton of strong sunlight because it needs very little light. It grows best in low, indirect light.

2. Spider Plant

This plant is known for how hardy it is in low-light. The solid-green version of this plant will thrive in low-light, but the variegated versions need medium to bright light.

3. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants would also be happy with artificial light, which is why you will frequently see these at indoor malls, banks, and department stores.

4. Golden Pothos

During the winter and fall, I use a plant light to supplement the limited sunlight it receives.

5. Kangaroo Fern

The Kangaroo Fern is easy to grow, requires little attention, and grows best in high humidity. The Kangaroo Fern is a great plant for your bathroom.

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