Living in an apartment is awesome! You have less stuff, less cleaning, and there’s a community around you. But moving to an apartment with a pet could be complicated.

Here are 12 pets best for apartment living. You will read about the breeds, sizes, and a brief description of the maintenance requirements for each.

They’ll not make a big mess and have lower maintenance requirements:


-French Bulldog or Frenchie -American Hairless Terriers -Basset Hounds


Cats are independent and seem not to mind an indoor life. All you have to provide is food, freshwater, and a litter bin. Cats also self-groom.

Lovers of reptiles would love to keep animals like snakes in their apartments. But not all reptiles are suited for apartment living.



Birds are also excellent animal companions, and they make great pets for apartment living. They take up little space and require low maintenance.

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