Easy 30-Min or Less Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Check out these quick and easy leftover turkey recipes that will make it easier for you to enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey for days to come!

This Turkey and Spinach Noodle Soup is a delicious, healthy way to use up those holiday leftovers (or chicken!), with homemade stock, spinach, with a bright lemon touch!

Turkey and Spinach Noodle Soup

BBQ Turkey Stuffed Potatoes

Everything tastes better with a baked potato! Combine leftover turkey and a baked potato for this delicious meal!

Spiced Turkey Stew

This spiced Turkey Stew is the perfect 20-minute meal to feed you on cold fall and winter nights.

An excellent way to use Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, these savory baked turkey crepes are both hearty and make for a delicious meal option.

Baked Turkey Crepes

Slow Cooker Turkey Chowder

Creamy decadent turkey chowder with chopped leftover turkey and small diced vegetables.

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