5 Dangerous Thanksgiving Food for Dogs

With Thanksgiving coming up, we all want to thank our dogs for being loyal and loving companions. But, giving them a seat at the Thanksgiving feast is not the best way to express your gratitude!

Foods You Should Not Feed Your Dog on Thanksgiving

Turkey skin is high in fat and usually absorbs garlic, onion, and other spices and flavors which are bad for your dog. Alternative Food: Turkey Meat, remove all fat, skin, and bones.

Turkey Skin

The cooked bones can splinter and cut a dog throat or stomach. Alternative Food: Potatoes – no added salt or butter.

Cooked Turkey Bones

Do you use onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, sage, or mushrooms in your gravy or stuffing recipes? All of those ingredients are toxic to dogs. Alternative Food: Apples

Gravy and Stuffing

Nutmeg contains a compound called myristicin that is toxic to dogs.  High doses of nutmeg can cause hallucinations, increased blood pressure, seizures, and abdominal pain.


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