6 Things to Do Around the House This Spring

With winter fast waving goodbye and spiring stepping forward, now is the perfect time to think about getting your home and garden for the season.

Inspect the Roof, Gutters, and Drains

•  Inspecting your home’s roof for loose tiles or damaged shingles is a priority, as is checking the gutters for any debris.  If you don’t want to do this yourself, hiring trusted gutter cleaning professionals is also an option and one that will ensure a good job is done.

Repaint  the Exterior

•  The winter weather can fade and peel paint like nothing else, so you may want to think about touching up the parts of your home’s exterior that are most likely to be affected, such as woodwork and trim.

Check  Decks and Fences

•  Next, you’re going to want to check decking and fences for any signs of rotting or cracking.  A new coat of paint or wood seal would not hurt, either.

Clean  the Windows

•  If you want to be able to enjoy the full beauty of spring as it unfolds outside of your home,  you’re going to want to give the windows a good clean so that you can see out of them unhindered.

Trim  Shrubs and Trees

•  While your trees and shrubs are still dormant, this is the perfect time to trim them so that they are tidy, healthy, and happy as they burst into life this spring.

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