Add These Healthy Habits To Your Daily Routine

Here are a few of the healthy habits that I think you should consider adding to your daily routine.

Make it a habit to. put your phone down

When you put your phone down, you will protect your eyesight and stave off addiction.  You will also have more incentive to do healthier things with your time.

Step 1: 

Make it a habit to. get off the sofa

Take care of your mental health and physical health, and do something that doesn’t require lots of sofa sitting.  You could engage with one of your hobbies, especially one that gets your body moving.

Step 2: 

Make it a habit to. drink more water

When you drink enough water, you will be less tempted to reach for those other drinks conducive to good health.

Step 3: 

Make it a habit to. get enough sleep

This means less time staying up with your Netflix binges, less time living a late-night party lifestyle, and less time doing anything else that keeps you up long past your bedtime of an evening.

Step 4: 

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