Beginner Tips For Fall Gardening

I know our summer garden is still in full swing, but before you know it’s time to start planning for your fall garden. 

Beginner Tips For Fall Gardening

Plan Ahead for Fall Gardening

Timing is key for fall vegetable gardening, and there are many factors that dictate the ideal time for planting.

What Should I Grow?

Vegetables and herbs that do well in cooler seasons include the following: - Leafy greens like kale, collard greens, lettuce, and mustard greens.

Prepare Your Fall Garden

Before you plant your fall seeds or transplants, it’s important to clear away plants that are no longer producing fruits or vegetables.

When Should I Plant My Fall Garden?

Early to mid-August is the best time to plant your fall veggies and herbs. For fall vegetable gardening, you can use seeds, transplants, or a combination of both!

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