Discover the Best Beaches Near Madison Wisconsin

Are you looking for a beach getaway without straying far from Madison, Wisconsin? Ever wonder if this bustling city has some sandy hidden gems nearby? In this article, we will discover the best beaches in and near Madison, Wisconsin!

Governor Nelson State Park

Here’s why it’s one of our top picks: Activities Galore •  For winter adventurers, the park transforms into a hotspot for skiing and ice-fishing.

Tenney Park Beach

•  Nestled in the heart of Madison, Tenney Park Beach acts as a serene escape from the bustle of the city.  •  For both residents and visitors alike, it offers many recreational activities combined with scenic beauty.

James Madison Beach

•   Situated on the shores of Lake Mendota, Madison’s namesake, James Madison Beach, provides a relaxing atmosphere replete with natural beauty and an inviting local vibe.

B.B. Clarke Beach

•   Set on the shores of Lake Monona, B.B. Clarke Beach is a hidden gem boasting a peaceful ambiance and various features that attract visitors of all ages. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, rest assured these beaches near Madison, Wisconsin, are waiting to give you a serene escape, a playful adventure, or a memorable sunset view!


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