Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Dogs are more than just pets; they’re loyal companions and members of the family.

As dog owners, we have a special bond with our furry friends that transcends words.  That’s why giving them a gift this holiday season is a great way to show them love and appreciation!

Senior dogs have earned the right to a good night’s sleep, and the innovative memory-foam support of this therapeutic dog couch gives them the comfort they deserve.

LL Bean Therapeutic Dog Couch

Huggle Hounds  LL Bean Woodland Knotties, Fox

Featuring their exclusive three-layer construction, this supersoft yet ultratough HuggleHounds® dog toy offers lots of happy playing time for your best friend.

Keep doggie treats, toys, and leashes corralled in this charming wicker chest.

Pottery Barn  Doggie Toy Basket

Badlands  Kuddler Pet Bed

Bold stripes on the soft fleece and contrast cording make the plush Badlands Comfort Cushion Pet Bed from Pendleton a stylish piece you can place in any room of the home.  A cuddly design is perfect for smaller pets.

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