7 Best Privacy Trees for Small Backyards

Discover the best privacy trees for small backyard spaces with our top picks, including Japanese maples and Leyland cypress, to create a lush, secluded oasis.

Japanese  Maples for Privacy

Looking for privacy trees for your small backyard? Japanese maples are perfect for creating a living fence with their dense foliage and slow-growing habit.

The Leyland cypress tree is a great tree for creating privacy in small backyards, with its dense foliage and fast-growing nature.

The Perfect Privacy Screen for Small Backyards

Leyland  Cypress Trees: 

Arborvitae is the perfect privacy tree for small backyards, offering a wide range of evergreen trees that provide privacy screens and create privacy in larger backyards.

Arborvitae Varieties for Privacy Fencing

Crepe myrtles are great trees to add to any sized backyard. These trees are drought tolerant and grow best in zones 6-10 with partial sunlight exposure and well-draining soil types.

The Perfect Ornamental Privacy Trees

Crepe Myrtle

Discover the best privacy trees for your small backyard – Japanese Maples offer beauty and screening, Leyland Cypress Trees provide natural barriers with proper pruning, and Arborvitae Trees serve as living fences.


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