5 Best Slow Feeders for Cats:

Review & Buying Guide 2023

Slow-feed bowls are great for cats who are prone to overeating. Slow feeders make it difficult for your cat to eat too quickly, which can help reduce the risk of vomiting, bloating, or other digestive issues that come from eating too much in one sitting.

Best Slow Feeders for Cats: My Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

DDMOMMY Raised Slow Feeder Ceramic Cat Bowl

The DDMOMMY Raised Slow Feeder Ceramic Cat Bowl is ergonomically designed with raised ridges in a floral pattern to slow down your cat’s eating pace.

Anipaw Silicone Slow Feeder Mat With Stainless Steel Bowl

This two-in-one feeder combines a slow feeder mat and a water bowl, crafted to enhance your cat’s feeding time through a challenging, yet exciting process.

Catstages Kitty  Slow Feeder Cat Bowl

With its multiple ridges and valleys, it is meant to mimic the presence of multiple smaller dishes, thus encouraging slow feeding.


Choosing the perfect slow feeder for your cat depends on your cat’s eating habits, food type, and personality.  The right slow feeder will ensure that your cat’s mealtime is not just healthy and controlled, but also a fun and satisfying experience.

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