Experience the Best Stargazing in Sedona: A Starry Guide

Discover the best stargazing in Sedona with our guide, featuring top locations and tips for a fantastic evening of stargazing.

The Best Stargazing Locations in Sedona

Sedona offers numerous popular spots for unobstructed views of the night sky, perfect for stargazers. •  Beaverhead Flat     Scenic Overlook. •  Boynton Canyon     Trailhead. •  Brins Mesa Trailhead.

Trails and Outdoor Activities

Sedona’s hiking trails offer breathtaking views of red rock formations, making them a must-visit during your trip.  For those interested in more adventurous pursuits, consider mountain biking or horseback riding through the stunning landscape.

Vineyards, Breweries, Art Galleries & Cultural Events

Sip on local wines at vineyards around Sedona or sample craft beers from nearby breweries.  Immerse yourself in the local art scene by visiting galleries and attending cultural events such as film festivals and live performances.

The dark skies of Sedona offer some of the best views of the stars in the world! 


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