Top 10: The Best Variegated Houseplants to Add to Your Collection

If you love houseplants as much as I do, you’re always looking for an extra special way to brighten up your indoor space with something new and eye-catching. Variegated houseplants, known for their multi-colored leaves, might be the perfect solution!

Here are my Top Ten Best Variegated Houseplants you'll want to add to your collection right now, and extra tips on how to care for them.

The variegated version flaunts beautiful streaks of pure white and green and is sure to add iconic flair to your collection.

Monstera Deliciosa “Albo Variegata”

Ficus Elastica Tineke (Rubber Plant)

It has thick, leathery leaves whose variegated colors display a delightful blend of green, white, and pinkish hues.

The ‘Domino’ Lily is the variegated version of the more well-known Peace Lily. Its shiny, dark green foliage is speckled with splashes of white.

Spathiphyllum “Domino.”

Hoya Carnosa “Albomarginata”

Known for its thick waxy leaves, long flowing vines, and clusters of pale pink flowers. Hoya Carnosa ‘Albomarginata’ is not only super attractive but delightfully forgiving.

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