Can You Compost Cork?

How-to Guide

Your wine night can do more for your compost pile and garden than you may have imagined!

What Is Cork?

•  Cork hails from the bark     of cork oak trees.

How to Compost Cork: Steps and Considerations

Preparing Your  Cork for Composting

•  Step 1: Collect your cork for composting.  •  Step 2: Make a pile of all the cork that you plan to compost, keeping it separate from your other compost materials. •  Step 3: Break the cork into smaller pieces.

Adding Cork to  Your Compost Pile

•  Step 1: Add the prepared cork pieces to your compost pile or bin. •  Step 2: Make sure the cork is wetted before starting the composting process. •  Step 3: Regularly turn your compost to mix in the cork pieces and ensure a faster decomposition process.


Yes, you can compost cork! Cork is a great material due to it being a naturally occurring, non-toxic material that breaks down over time.

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