Can You Compost Egg Cartons?

Quick Composting Guide

Did you know that egg cartons are green gold for your compost pile?

Can you compost egg cartons?

•  The answer may surprise you.  Egg cartons, whether paper or cardboard-based, can be used in home compost piles to create nutrient-rich soil for gardening.  They decompose fairly quickly and help create nutrient-rich soil perfect for gardening.

How to Prepare Egg Cartons for Composting

Step 1:

•  Determine the material of your egg carton, as most are paper or cardboard but some may be plastic or foam which aren’t suitable for composting.

Identify the Material

Step 2:

•  Paper and cardboard egg cartons need to be broken into smaller pieces before adding them to your compost pile.  This helps speed up decomposition and ensures an even mix within the heap.

Break It Down

Step 3:

•  Add these small pieces into your compost pile by layering them between green (nitrogen-rich) materials like coffee grounds and food residue, as well as other brown (carbon-rich) elements such as leaves or straw.

Incorporate  Into Your Pile

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