Can You Compost Mushrooms?

Discover the dos and don'ts of composting mushrooms in your home garden.

Can You Really Compost Mushrooms?

•  Yes, you absolutely can compost mushrooms.

So What’s  the Deal?

•  Mushrooms, whether wild or edible, are completely compostable. In fact, they pack a punch in your compost heap. •  Mushrooms are naturally packed with water content, which aids in decomposing.

Why Should You Compost Mushrooms?

•  Nutrient Enrichment. Their body structures, made primarily of chitin, break down into nitrogen-rich compost. •  Accelerated Composting     Process. Mushrooms are already somewhat decomposed, courtesy of which they break down faster when added to the compost.

How to Compost Mushrooms Properly

•  Gather Your Materials. Empty your vegetable bin and gather all of your mushroom trimmings and stems. •  Prepare the Compost Bin. Make sure your compost bin has adequate drainage. This minimizes the chance of having a soggy compost pile, which could smell foul and be poor in quality.


•  Both wild and edible mushrooms can be composted. •  Mushroom composting can enrich your compost pile with essential minerals and aid in decomposition.

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