Orchids are delicate and beautiful flowers that can last for months if tended well. However, once they have bloomed, there are a few things you need to do to keep them looking their best.

What are orchids, and why are they so popular?

While they are often associated with luxury and wealth, orchids are easy to care for and are found in many homes and gardens.

Where to Buy An Orchid

– Etsy – Home Depot – Local grocery store – Local nursery – Amazon

How to Make your Orchid Keep Blooming

The only variation is how the spent flower stem is handled. If the orchid flower stems are still green, they may still produce flowers.

Primary care for orchids after blooming includes:


Depending on the species of orchid, the amount of light required varies significantly, ranging from high to medium to low.

Temperature and Humidity

Orchid temperature preferences, like light, range from low to high, depending on the species.

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