How to Clean a Couch Without a Carpet Cleaner

Discover how to clean a couch without a carpet cleaner featuring easy-to-follow tips and DIY solutions for a clean couch.

Here are some tips for cleaning your couch:

• Use a Microfiber Cloth. • Remove Stains &    Smells with Baking    Soda. • Vacuum Regularly.

Washing Removable Cushion Covers

• Check care instructions on cushion tags:  Before tossing your cushion covers into the washer, make sure to check the care instructions on their tags.

Scrub Your Couch Fabric Surfaces Gently

To give your couch a more thorough cleaning, use a gentle scrubber brush and water to remove dirt from the fabric surfaces. 

If you prefer a more natural approach to cleaning your couch, consider making your own homemade upholstery cleaner solution or use baking soda.

Natural Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

Conclusion to How to Clean a Couch Without a Carpet Cleaner

There are plenty of options for keeping your couch looking and smelling fresh, from spot-cleaning stains with enzymatic cleaners or homemade solutions to deep-cleaning upholstery with scrubber brushes or dust extractors.

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