Companion Houseplants for Your Home: Benefits and Examples

Every houseplant in your home is descended from plants that once grew in the wild alongside other plant varieties.  Like their ancestors, your houseplants may grow well when juxtaposed with other plants.

Benefits of Combining Plants

Save Space - Planting multiple plants in the same pot can let you make the most of the space you have and allow you to bring a wider variety of plants into your home.

Which Plants to Put Together – The Best Companion Houseplants

A shorter cactus such as a thimble cactus can be a perfect companion for jade since each plant will catch the sunlight at different levels rather than competing for the same rays of light.

Jade and Cactus

Jade Plant | Photo Credit: Etsy Seller

Photo Credit: Studio 29 Photography

Pothos and Dracaena

Pothos and Dracaena plants both have medium-to-low water requirements and medium light requirements, and neither of them needs much fertilizer.

Pothos | Photo Credit:  Etsy Seller                 

 Dracaena | Photo Credit:  Etsy Seller

These two plants both enjoy indirect light, and they look great together too.  The airy fronds of a fern can provide a lovely lacy texture, while Calatheas can add color to the mix.

Calatheas and Ferns

Foxtail Fern | Photo Credit: Etsy Seller                                      Calathea | Photo Credit: Etsy Seller

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