The Ultimate Guide to Croton Plant Care

Croton plants are easy to take care of and can be a nice tropical indoor plant that will survive for years with the right care!

What Is a Croton Houseplant?

Codiaeum variegatum pictum, common name Croton, also known as Joseph’s Coat, is an exotic plant that comes from the tropical forests of Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Tips For Caring for A Croton

The croton plant flourishes in rich soil that contains peat moss and organic compost.  Since it does not respond well to sitting in damp soil or a pool of water, the soil and pot should drain water well.

Soil composition

The soil composition of its pot should contain slow-release granular fertilizer and low nitrogen.  Feed it once every spring and summer, meaning that you should not feed it in winter.

Croton food

Your exotic plant requires about six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day to help it maintain its foliage and bright color.


It is important not to over or under-water your crotons because this will kill them. Never allow your croton plant to stay in dry soil for an extended period.

Watering requirements

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