Dahlias Tubers: How to Dig Up, Divide, and Store them During the Winter

Dahlia tubers can be dug up and divided during the winter months.  The dahlia tubers should be stored in a cool, dry place such as a basement or cellar.

When should you dig up the dahlia tubers?

Wait until at least after the first frost to dig up the dahlia tubers. If it gets too cold, they’ll be dead before you can start digging.

Remove any soil from around their base, using a spade to loosen the earth around them.  Then, dig deep enough to make a hole big enough so you can carefully take out the dahlia tuber.

How do you go about digging up dahlia tubers for winter storage?

How to Divide Dahlia Tubers

You may cut the dahlias into pieces if you like, but make sure that each new tuber has at least one eye or bud on it.

Instructions on Dividing Tubers

Trim and clean the dug-up tubers.  Gently trim the dead stems off the tubers and break off any large clumps of soil by hand. Wash the remaining dirt off with a hose to reduce the possibility of fungal disease.

How to Successfully Store Dahlia Tubers

The best way to store them is in peat moss, which will only keep them good for about 6 months.  A better method is to store them in sawdust or sand and place them in hot water or an icy freezer.

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