Do Snake Plants Like Humidity? Care Tips Guide

Unlike many popular houseplants that hail from moist jungle climates, snake plants can actually tolerate quite a bit of dryness.

Understanding Snake Plants and Humidity

•  Snake Plants are originally from West Africa, so they do enjoy a relatively humid environment, but, lucky for us, they are actually quite tolerant and are able to adapt to the environments inside our homes.

•  Originating from regions where the air is often arid means snake plants have adapted to survive without needing high humidity levels. •  It’s part of what makes them such hardy indoor companions.

The Origin of Snake Plants

The Impact of Humidity on Your Houseplant’s Health

•  Proper hydration helps keep those striking narrow leaves looking fresh and vibrant.  •  But remember not to overdo it – too much water or excessive humidity could lead to problems like root rot or yellowing leaves.

•  Potting Soil and Temperature. They prefer temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit – quite similar to room temperature. This makes them a great indoor plant option.

Creating the Ideal Environment for Snake Plants


•  Snake plants thrive in dry environments just as much as they do in moist conditions.  •  It’s their adaptability that makes them such great indoor companions.

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