Dog Hotels In Phoenix, AZ: 11 Amenities To Look For

If you're searching for the best dog boarding facilities in Phoenix, Here are some of the amenities you might want to look for.

Dog Hotels In Phoenix, AZ: 11 Amenities To Look For

Healthy Dining And Drinking

Most dog hotels keep a stock of several caliber dog food brands, but if perhaps your pet’s food is not on the list, you’re always welcome to bring their favorite food and treats.

Spacious Area With A View

When looking for a dog hotel, you may consider a facility with a spacious area and not just a cage where your pet will be tethered and restricted.

Pet Massage Services

Some dog hotels offer massage services that are favorable for your furry companions. Aside from the relaxation it provides, some of its benefits include digestion aid, improved sleep quality, decreased muscle pain and tension, and relief of anxiety.

Bark Day Pawty

A bark day pawty is something they may not be able to say out loud, but they can surely appreciate it for the rest of their lives.

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