Green Crystals:

50 Unique Varieties and Their Features

Are you looking to add some natural beauty and vibrant energy to your life? Green crystals are a perfect way to do just that – with their unique textures, shapes, and properties.


•  Description:  Deep green with a rich, lush color. •  Healing Properties:  Love, compassion, abundance, heart energy, emotional healing, harmony, and balance.


•  Description:  Light green to pale yellow-green with a waxy appearance. •  Healing Properties:  Spiritual growth, meditation, calm, and peaceful environment.


•  Description:  Light green to pale green. •  Healing Properties:  Personal growth, inner peace, and emotional healing.


•  Description:  Rich green with bands or swirls. •  Healing Properties:  Transformation, protection, emotional healing, and growth.


•  An understanding that green crystals are symbols of the Heart Chakra and how they can influence aspects such as prosperity, balance, peace, strength, and healing.

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