Looking to propagate your favorite rose bush? You can easily grow roses from cuttings taken from the plant you want to multiply.

When you want to propagate your favorite rose bush, cuttings are the way to go! Simply, cut off a branch with at least 3 nodes and remove all leaves from where it is going into new growth.

Choose a Stem And Taking a Cutting

The best time to take rose cuttings from the parent plant is during the cooler months. Make sure you take the cuttings from healthy and relatively new stems.

Remove Most of the Leaves

Getting rid of excess leaves reduces the leaf surface, effectively minimizing the amount of water loss.

Prepare the Stem for Rooting

Use your pruning shears to make a fresh cut on the bottom of the plant cutting, just below a stem node. Cutting immediately below a node will ensure successful rooting since this is where the roots will form.

Apply A Rooting Hormone

A rooting hormone will help to promote the development of new roots. Therefore, to increase the chances of success, you should use powdered rooting hormone when planning to reproduce roses.

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