Top 5 Hanging Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight

Are you looking to add some greenery to your indoor space?  Hanging plants is an excellent option, especially with limited floor space.

Let’s explore the best hanging indoor plants that thrive in low light conditions, from vining species like spider plants and pothos to lush foliage-heavy varieties such as the monster adansonii and Boston fern.

Monstera Adansonii (Mini Swiss Cheese Vine) is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a plant that can thrive in low-light to medium light conditions.

Monstera Adansonii


All peperomias need is indirect light throughout the day, along with regular misting sessions during hot summer months, making them ideal choices if you want something fuss-free yet stylish at the same time.

As long as these plants get enough water (every two weeks), they will grow quickly into healthy specimens full of vibrant green foliage – perfect for bringing life into dark corners.

Spider Plants

Having indoor hanging plants without sunlight offers a range of benefits. Not only do they look great, but studies have shown that having greenery indoors can improve air quality by removing toxins from the environment and reducing stress levels among occupants in a space.

Benefits Of Having Indoor Hanging Plants Without Sunlight

From Spider Plants, Pothos, Chinese Evergreens, Philodendrons, and Heartleaf Philodendron – these beautiful varieties of plants will bring life into any room without requiring too much maintenance or attention from you.


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