Hydroponics 101: What Houseplants Can Live in Just Water?

Explore the fascinating world of hydroponics and learn what houseplants can live in just water. Get expert tips for a thriving indoor garden.

The Magic of  Water-Grown Plants

•  The concept is simple: instead of using potting soil, you let the roots bask in clean water.  •  This method has gained popularity among plant lovers for its simplicity and success.


•  Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow in water.  •  Simply cut a vine with a few leaves and place it in a jar or vase with water.

(Epipremnum aureum)

Devil’s Ivy

•  Similar to Pothos, Devil’s Ivy can be propagated in water.  •  You can take a cutting with several nodes and place it in a container with water.

(Scindapsus pictus)

Lucky Bamboo

•  Lucky Bamboo is typically grown in water and is known for its distinctive appearance. •  It can thrive with minimal care.

(Dracaena sanderiana)


•  Hydroponics is a fascinating world, opening up new possibilities for indoor gardening.  •  Propagation of your favorite houseplants through cuttings placed directly into freshwater offers endless opportunities for growth.

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