Should You Move Your Houseplants Outside During The Summer?

Is it healthy for houseplants to be outside during the summer, or should you keep them inside?

Which Houseplants Can Go Outdoors?

•  Some plants will thrive outdoors and others will be a lot less happy.  •  Plants that do well outdoors include cacti and succulents, ponytail palms, crotons, hoyas, amaryllis, ficus trees, snake plants, tropical ferns.

Houseplants that will do well outside:

•  Yucca •  Schefflera •  Spider Plant •  Croton •  Snake Plant •  Ponytail Palm

How to Move Plants Outside Safely for the Summer

•  It is extremely important to acclimate them as you transition them to the outdoors: a few weeks of shade in a covered area or under a tree before introducing it to a full-sun spot to avoid sunburn.

Reasons Not To Move Your Houseplants Outside

•  There are two reasons not to move your plants. First of all, some extremely shade-tolerant plants may find that after a lot of time indoors they don’t handle being outside well.

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