When and How to Repot a Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa is one of the most popular house plants out there, and for lots of good reasons.

Why It Is Important to Repot Your Monstera

Repotting your Monstera is easy to do and allows it to keep growing larger.

Monsteras can live a long life and grow into big, beautiful eye-catchers in your home. 

3 Signs It’s Time to Repot Your Monstera

The first sign to repot a Monstera is when it’s outgrown its pot.

When the houseplant becomes root bound, which means that roots are growing along the edges of the drainage holes in your pot, and they can be seen poking up through them, it’s time for repotting.

The second sign to repot a Monstera is when the soil has been depleted.

You can tell this because it starts looking dry and dusty on top or if you press firmly in one spot with your finger, water will be released from below.  This means the plant’s roots are seeking moisture, and they’re running out of it.

The third sign to repot a Monstera is when the leaves turn brown or yellow and fall off.

This means its roots have died from a lack of water, nutrients, or both.  This can happen because your plant has been exposed to cold drafts coming through windows – make sure you close them!

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