How Often Should I Water My Spider Plant:

Essential Tips

Learn how often to water your spider plant with essential tips on watering, lighting, and humidity for thriving indoor plants.

In general, you should water spider plants every 7-14 days when the soil is fully dry. Keep in mind that several factors can influence how often you need to water your spider plants, such as soil type, humidity levels, lighting conditions, temperature requirements, and more.

Watering Frequency for Spider Plants

To determine if it’s time for another drink, use the finger test method.  Simply dip your finger into the soil about an inch deep – if it feels dry, then give it some more H2O.

How to Know When It Is  Time to Water  Your Spider Plant

Proper drainage techniques play a significant role in preventing root rot caused by excess water. When watering your houseplant, circle around the pot with a watering can, ensuring that all excess water drains away from the roots.

Preventing Overwatering  and Root Rot

If your plant does have root rot you will need to repot it in fresh soil and make sure the pot has adequate drainage.  Carefully cut off all the affected roots, and brown tips and dispose of them and then re-pot your plant in quality, well-draining soil.

Fixing  Root Rot

Adequate drainage is essential for properly watering spider plants.  Make sure you use pots with drainage holes at their base or consider adding a layer of pebbles or perlite to improve soil drainage.

Proper Drainage Techniques

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