How to Care for Your Variegated Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

Aside from lighting requirements, it’s considered to be a straightforward plant to care for and adjust well to new environments.


Rubber Trees prefer a medium amount of indirect light, but the Variegated version needs some extra light to keep its beautiful variegated pattern.

To keep the leaves shiny and healthy mist them or wipe them down with a wet cloth. In colder seasons your Ruby Rubber Tree will need less watering; if the leaves start to brown or yellow and fall off then you could be overwatering.



Anywhere within room temperature ranges (often between 60-75°F) is good, but make sure that you don’t keep it too cold, or too close to any heat or AC vents.


There are no extreme measures needed regarding humidity for a Variegated Rubber Tree.  Normal humidity is often fine, and if a room is too dry, then increase misting the leaves or set up a humidifier.

Fertilizing Variegated Rubber Trees

Never fertilize your plant during the colder seasons, but it’s safe to fertilize in Spring and Summer.  One recommendation is to use “diluted liquid fertilizer” every couple of weeks.

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