Easy Steps: How to Clean a Cowhide Rug Properly

Learn how to clean a cowhide rug effectively. Uncover tips for routine care, stain removal, and deep cleaning to keep your rug looking new!

Vacuuming a cowhide rug requires some care to avoid damaging the hide while effectively removing dirt and debris.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to vacuum a cowhide rug.

Option for an adjustable suction and a soft brush attachment.  High suction or beater bars could damage the delicate cowhide.

Choose the right vacuum cleaner:

Before vacuuming, take the cowhide rug outside and give it a good shake or gentle beat to loosen any loose dirt or debris.

Shake or beat the rug:

Attach the soft brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner and use it to vacuum the front side of the cowhide rug gently.  Move the vacuum cleaner toward the hair, making long, slow passes over the rug.

Vacuum  the front side:

Flip the cowhide rug over and vacuum the backside.  This will help remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the underside.

Vacuum  the backside:

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