How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Cactus:

A Comprehensive Guide

Discover how to get rid of brown spots on cactus. If you act quick enough, your cactus will be just fine.

Here is a comprehensive list of possible reasons why your cactus might develop brown spots:

Fungal or  Bacterial Infections

•  Fungal or bacterial diseases often show up as brown or black spots on cacti.  •  The bacteria or fungus gets into the plant through open wounds and starts to erode plant tissue, causing brown patches.

Pest Infestation

•  Small bugs like mealybugs or scale insects can feed on the cactus plant sap,  •  leading to brown spots and other types of damage. A severe infestation can potentially kill the cactus.


•  While cacti are desert plants known for their sunlight tolerance, excessive, direct sunlight can cause sunburn, leading to damaging brown spots.

Watering Issues

•  Overwatering is a common problem among indoor plants, including cacti.  •  Too much water can lead to root rot, and eventually, brown spots start to appear on the plant’s surface.

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