How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Your Cactus

Discover how to get rid of brown spots on cactus. If you act quick enough, your cactus will be just fine.

Treatment Methods for Brown Spots on Cactus

Identify the Cause

•  Brown spots can be caused by various factors such as overwatering, sunburn, frost damage, pests or disease.  •  By identifying the cause of the brown spots, you can choose the appropriate treatment method.


•  If your cactus has sunburn, you should slowly reduce its exposure to the sun.  •  You can do this by moving your cactus to a shady location or by providing it with some shade.

Overwatering /Root Rot

•  In the case of overwatering or root rot, you will need to repot the cactus in fresh, dry soil.  •  Make sure the pot you use has enough drainage holes.


•  If pests are the problem, use a mild insecticide or soap solution to wash your cactus.  •  For diseases, you may need to use specific treatments or even remove and destroy the affected parts to prevent the disease from spreading.

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