4 Ways I Get Vitamin D During the Winter

Vitamin D is vital for a healthy immune system and can help to ward off respiratory infections.

The nutrient also promotes healthy bones, reduces depression, and boosts weight loss.

Step 1

Eat Foods Rich in  Vitamin D

Some foods you may want to include in your diet are fatty or oily fish, egg yolk, cod liver oil, spinach, mushrooms, pork chops, and soybeans.

Step 2

Eat Foods Fortified With Vitamin D

When it comes to fortified foods, you will find both plant-based and animal products. The options available include soy milk, certain types of yogurt, cow’s milk, orange juice, and certain breakfast cereals.

Step 3

Consider Taking Vitamin D Supplements

These include young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with darker skin, strict vegans, those who remain covered up when outdoors, housebound people, and those looking to give their immune system a boost.

Step 4

Exercise Daily

Studies show that regular physical exercise can assist with vitamin D.  When you are stuck inside during winter, consider creating an indoor workout program to ensure you keep your vitamin D levels up.

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