How to Grow Calathea:

Essential Tips for Calatheas

Struggling to keep your Calathea alive and thriving? Stick with me, and together, we’ll unlock the secrets to cultivating lush, healthy Calatheas that transform your space and soothe your soul!

These tropical plants need proper care – I will teach you all the fundamentals, including light, water, fertilizing requirements, and any special needs. 

Understanding Calatheas: Calathea Plant Profile

•  Calatheas, known for their striking leaf patterns, are more than just another houseplant. •  They make a statement in any indoor garden with leaves that flaunt intricate designs in various shades of green and often a beautiful burgundy underside.

Ideal Growing Conditions

•  These tropical beauties flourish in bright, indirect sunlight, so positioning them in a spot where the sun’s rays can gently filter through sheer drapes works wonders.

Watering and Humidity: Calatheas’ Thirst for Care

•  These plants demand consistent moisture to mimic the humid, tropical environments they originate from.  •  It’s important to keep the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged.

Feeding, Propagating, and Troubleshooting

•  Calathea are not only visually stunning, but they also have simple dietary needs.  •  To support their healthy growth, a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer should be applied every couple of months, especially during the growing season.

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